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Ioannis G. Theodorakis was born in Athens, Greece. He was educated at the 24th High School of Athens (1992-1995), University of Piraeus (1996-2002) and Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB, 2003-2005). In addition, with a one-year disruption (2008-2009) during which he served a mandatory military service in Sparta and Lemnos (a Greek island situated in the Northern Aegean Sea), Ioannis obtained his doctoral degree from AUEB (2006-2011).


Ioannis’ research interests have been developing over the years getting a more multifaceted character. More precisely, lying within the broader marketing and consumer psychology scientific boundaries, his research grounds in four basic axes: (a) advertising rhetoric, its persuasive dynamics and limits of effectiveness depending on a variety of factors; (b) controversy and taboos in marketing communications, as well as consumers’ responses, including moral ones, that such techniques evoke; (c) the concept of psychological distance (PS; i.e., reflecting the degree to which an entity pertains to a person’s here and now experience), and construal level theory (CLT; i.e., theory asserting that people construe things abstractly or concretely when being in a high or low construal level correspondingly) as explanatory psychological mechanisms of how individuals react to controversies in promotional communications; and, (d) the market-driving strategy concept, including the exploration of  its nature, its strategic importance, its dependence on collective human tendencies/traits, and its relationship with communication practices applied by firms that adopt it.


Furthermore, Ioannis has involved himself with International Business Studies and Cross-Cultural Management by being a member of the Yin Yang research team. More specifically, by representing Greece in a cross-cultural research project where more than 30 Countries have joined in, Ioannis seeks to verify the Greek cultural dynamics from the theoretical standpoint of the Yin Yang philosophical paradigm.


With concern to his basic research orientation, Ioannis publishes his work in well-established publication outlets (Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Advertising, and Journal of Business Research among others) while he systematically presents his work in International Conference venues (e.g., American Academy of Advertising, Academy of Marketing Science, American Marketing Association, and others). In fact, his presence in those scientific conferences has also provided him with the pleasure of meeting and connecting with many respectable members of the international academic community. Moreover, Ioannis is affiliated to renowned international Academic Bodies (e.g., European Marketing Academy). In addition, he contributes to the international research community by being an ad hoc reviewer for many recognized scientific journals (e.g., European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, and others).


After having successfully completed his post-Doctoral research (centered on the use of metaphor in controversial advertising frames and consumers’ responses dependent upon a variety of factors) at AUEB (December 2012 – July 2014), Ioannis worked as an Assistant Professor – Researcher at INSEEC Grande École INSEEC U., in Paris, France (September 2014 – August 2021) accumulating important experience and since September 2021 he serves as an Associate Professor – Researcher at Paris School of Business (PSB). At PSB Ioannis teaches courses such as Brands and Branding, Business Communications, Digital Business, Marketing Management: Integrated Communication, Marketing Research and Market study among others. Moreover, Ioannis is a Visiting Affiliated Professor at Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP) in Cholula, Mexico, where he also teaches relevant courses such as Branding, and Strategic Marketing among others.  


Apart from his passionate love for research scrutiny and a high teaching performance, Ioannis occupies himself with alternative business and music art-related activities. In particular, he is the co-founder of an independent record label named εἰρκτή (eirkti) specializing in limited vinyl-only editions and in specific music genres (e.g., new wave, post-punk and minimal synth). Eirkti is the music outlet for a plethora of underground artists and groups. Presently, eirkti numbers twenty eight record releases most of which have been sold out.


Finally, apart from Greek Ioannis can fluently speak English and Spanish, has basic knowledge of French, while he also knows a  little Danish. His interests include the study of philosophy, literature and art-movements history as well as music listening and vinyl-collecting. He also likes travelling and meeting people from different cultures. Moreover, Ioannis is very much into sports and he is a marathon runner.





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